Frequently Asked Questions

from Rogers Library at Francis Marion University

How do I scan to a flash drive on the library's photocopiers?

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  1.  Insert at least 5 cents.
  2. Plug the flash drive into the outlet on the right-hand side of the photocopier keypad.
  3.  The flash drive’s contents will display on the screen.  If not, tap the physical button labeled “document box” in the lower left-hand corner on the photocopier keypad.
  4. When the flash drive is open on the screen, tap the screen button that says “save file” (in the lower right-hand corner of the screen).
  5. Change any scan settings that you want, or proceed.
  6. Place your document in the feed reader or on the flatbed. Press the physical green on photocopier keypad (just like making a photocopy).
  7.  The document will be saved to your flash drive.
(Note: you must make at least one photocopy in order to get change back).