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from Rogers Library at Francis Marion University

What if I don't know the author/page numbers/other information on the request form (aka: I have an incomplete citation)?

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Please put as much information as you have.  If you don't know the information for one of the required fields (the ones with the red asterisks), ask a librarian at the Reference Desk to help you find it.  You can talk to them in person, on the phone at (843) 661-1310, or at using our Library Chat feature.

The ILL office will accept incomplete citations when the majority of the citation is had (ie: if the date is unknown, but the volume number is). However, ILL is not a research sevice, and most libraries will refuse to fill incomplete requests that will require research on their end to fill. Therefore the FMU ILL office may decline to place your request if the citation is lacking sufficient information.